How to Restore Deleted Data on Windows and Mac based PC’s

Data-Recovery-SoftwareHello Friends!! I am using Mac system at my home. Last week, I delete unwanted files from my system to clear some space. During deletion of unwanted files, I accidentally select few important files. As a result of which selected files permanently deleted from the system.  Now I want to restore deleted files on system as soon as possible. Can anyone suggest any third party tool to recover deleted data on Mac system?

Restore Deleted Data tool can be used to such circumstances to recover deleted files without any issues. This software can be downloaded and launched on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. It is free from malware and virus programs so it is safe to use on your system or laptop. With this recovery application, you are able to recover deleted photos, videos, audio, Photoshop files, archive files, document file, etc. The software is available on website so that anyone can purchase and recover deleted files in few steps.

Reasons for deletion of files from Windows and Mac system

Human Error: Some of the human errors due to which files get deleted from Windows or Mac system are accidental deletion, formatting, error while file transfer, etc. It happens to user while previewing files stored on system or performing certain task.

Virus or Malware Programs: The virus or malware programs entered into the system when it is connected infected device. After virus attack, files get corrupted and become inaccessible. In case, antivirus tool is installed on the system then it starts deleting infected files in order to keep to system safe.

Emptied Recycle Bin or Trash: There are two options available in recycle bin first one is restore and the other one is empty recycle bin. If user accidentally press empty recycle bin button then all files and folder including important files get deleted from system permanently.

Under such circumstances, you can use this tool to recover deleted files from Windows and Mac versions. With the application of this tool, you are able to recover and restore files on internal as well as on external data storage device.

Features of Restore Deleted Data Tool   

  • This software can launched on all the major versions of Mac and Windows operating system. The application requires only 50MB on drive for proper installation.
  • It recovers 300 file types such as JPEG, JPG, MOV, AVI, FLV, MP4, MP3, GIFF, TIFF, PNG, DOCX, DOC, XLS, PSD, PDF, ZIP, etc.
  • Apart from deleted file recovery, you can also recover lost files from different storage device. It recover file from hard drive of different file system such as HFS, HFSX, NTFS, FAT and NTFS.
  • The demo version of restore deleted data tool is available on website to recover deleted files for free. In order to save recovered files, you need to upgrade the software.

Camera Digital Photo Recovery – Download Software

4506516944_4117167468_zHello Friends!! Last weekend I was on trip with my friends. I captured lots of images and even videos with my digital camera. When I returned home, I started copying pictures from digital camera to system. But suddenly system is turned off, when I restart the system the pictures and videos from digital camera become unreachable from both devices. I want to recover those photos as soon as possible. Can anyone suggest digital photo recovery to recover lost pictures from digital camera?

Digital Photo Recovery tool is an advanced tool that recovers deleted or lost pictures from digital camera. With this tool, you are able to recover photos from digital camera cards such as SD card, XD card, SDXC card, SDHC card, etc. The software allow user to recover generic photo file format as well as RAW file format. It is safe and simple to use application so that technical as well as novice user can recover deleted or lost pictures from digital camera.

Reason for photo loss from digital camera

  • Accidental deletion of pictures from digital camera card while previewing photos
  • Formatting of memory card sometimes wiped out all pictures or videos stored in memory card
  • Improper transfer of photos from digital camera to system leads to photo loss from digital camera
  • Abrupt removal of memory card from digital camera results in loss of file table and finally leads to loss of data from digital camera
  • The use of unreliable application on system to preview pictures can results in deletion or loss of pictures from digital camera
  • In addition to above mentioned reasons, some other circumstances for deletion or loss of pictures are sudden interruption like power failure, virus attack, file system corruption, etc.

Digital photo recovery tool can be used under such circumstances to recover deleted or lost pictures from digital camera. This recovery tool is compatible in recovering pictures from digital camera on Windows as well as Mac system.

Features of Digital Photo Recovery

  • This software recovers deleted pictures from any data storage device on different Windows and Mac system. With this software, you can easily recover JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIFF, GIF, TIFF and other file formats in few simple steps.
  • Once you install this application, you are able to recover digital photo as well as generic file format without any issues.
  • The software scans whole data storage device then list out the photos to be recovered. You can recover pictures and restore on any data storage device.
  • Technical experts are always available to provide assistance while recovering digital photos. Users can contact through phones as well as emails.
  • The demo version of digital photo recovery tool is available online so that you can purchase and recover deleted or lost pictures from digital camera.

Micro SD Card Recovery Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Photos

In the SD card the mostly stored files are photo files, along with the audio files, video files. Photos play important role in every once life, because photos are captured in each and every awesome moments of the life. Nowadays mobile phones are more enough to capture the quality photos, so most of the people are not depending on the cameras to capture the images. In this case, the storage device in the smartphone is obviously SD card.

61mmcIxbHYL._SL1100_There are two types of SD cards, one is Micro and other is Macro. Macro SD cards belongs to old, which is big physically, where as Micro are short in size but the functions are same and also the storage capacity is more. In the current scenario there are many featured brands that are manufacturing the SD card. Some of them are Sony, Transcend, Kingston, Samsung, SanDisk, etc. Even though there are many advantages of the SD cards, there are many chances of photos getting deleted or lost. There are many reasons that are responsible for the loss or deletion of photos from the SD card.

Following are the causes of photos from the SD card:

Virus infection: The main reason behind the loss of photos from the SD card is due to virus infection. Virus will enter in the SD card while transferring of files from any other device that is already affected by the virus or by downloading any virus infected from any website.

Accidental deletion: In the SD card, there may be lot of unwanted photos which will be deleted by the user in order to have enough free space in the SD card. While doing any operation in the mobile SD card you may press delete button accidentally.

Bad sector: Sometimes due to overheating or physical damage, the bad sectors may occur. When the bad sectors occurs then the files that are present on those sectors will become inaccessible and intern they are loss of those files.

Other reasons: Apart from the above reasons there are some more reasons that are responsible for the deletion or loss of files from the hard drive. Some of them are due to accidental format, improper transfer of files, power surge, etc.

If this happens with you then you need not worry, because here is a solution which is very much effective. The solution is to recover lost photos from micro SD card by using a recovery tool. In the current scenario the most reliable tool for recovering the lost photos is Recover Card Files software.

This tool is abundantly used all around the world because the interface of this tool is more advanced and the user can handle this tool easily to cover the recovery process. Initially a demo version is provided and you can check the working of this software and then can have the purchase version. To know more about this software click on this link:

How To Install And Set Up The Nest Thermostat?

A Thermostat is a device through which you are able to adjust the home temperature from your mobile. It saves your money too on your utility costs. It even allows you to control home’s heating and cooling right from the smartphone.Capture11111111111111111

Follow below-mentioned steps to install and set up the Nest Thermostat in your home.

1: Remove Your Current Thermostat

First of all, find the thermostat in your home and turn it off. If still it is powered on then you should turn off the cooling, heating, and fan. It is also a decent idea if you are suing any thermostat then remove backup

2: Install the Nest Thermostat

Now take the Nest Thermostat base plate and place it on the wall wherever you want the Nest Thermostat.Capture22

3: Set Up the Nest Thermostat

  • The first step to set up the Nest Thermostat is choosing your language.
  • Now the second step is to connect the thermostat to your Wi-Fi network and thus drive on the component to get started.
  • Pick your Wi-Fi network from the list provided.Capture3
  • Now enter the password for your Wi-Fi network and then change the selector to the checkmark icon when you are finished with it.
  • You will get a confirmation which allows you to know that thermostat is connected and online.
  • Now you need to set up your location. This will display the local weather on your thermostat.
  • Choose the continent in which you live in.
  • Enter the zip code of your location by using the silver dial to choose a number.
  • Noe select what kind of place you live in- Single family, Multi-family, Business, Apt. /Condo.
  • Choose where the thermostat is located in your apartment or house.
  • Set up the heating and cooling to make sure that your thermostat is working correctly.
  • The next screen will check your system.
  • Now you will choose the fuel source for your heating. If you don’ know then select “I Don’t Know” from the list.
  • After that, choose the type of heating you want. The first option is forced air heating.
  • Now set up the minimum and maximum temperature that the thermostat should heat or cool when you are away from the house.
  • You will also off the button if you are leaving your house for some time.
  • Once testing is over, then the Nest Thermostat is set up and ready to use, but you need to set up the Nest app on your smartphone.

4: Set Up the Nest App for Remote Control:

  • Once you are done with the Nest Thermostat set up, now it time to install the app on your smartphone and connect it to the thermostat so that you can monitor and modify the temperature from your phone.
  • Download the Nest app from the Google Play or iTunes App store depending on your device.
  • Once downloading is completed, open its set up and choose “Sign up”.
  • Now enter your email address and come up with a PIN for Nest account. Then hit “Sign up”.
  • Choose “I agree” to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and hit “Continue” at the end of the next screen.
  • Then follow the steps and feed the input which the app are asking.
  • Now Nest Thermostat will show up on the main screen of the Nest app.
  • You can hit on it to take it up and begin controlling the thermostat remotely.

Corrupt Video Repair Software for Windows and Mac

Have you ever come across a scenario in which video files get corrupted or damaged due to which it may become inaccessible and even you can’t play them on any media player? Then you may think of repairing corrupted video files and for this, you need to opt tool like Corrupt Video Repair, which is equipped with the advanced features and techniques to repair corrupted video files and allows you to read the digital content of the video file. With the assistance of its inbuilt algorithm, you can easily perform repairing process and from this, you can able to view the data of the corrupted video files. However there are many tools available in the market for fixing corrupted video files, but all won’t work till ends. While this software let you preview repaired file with the aid of its demo version and it is done for FREE of cost.Video File

Video files are most commonly using media now-a-days because it involves both audio listening and visualizing the content of the file. In addition to this, there are other attributes which comes under video files like images, documents and many more are well supported by the video files. It is designed with such algorithm that it supports these many attributes. In spite of these many features and option there are certain cases in which you may in terrific state. Yes, when video files get corrupted or damaged, then it becomes inaccessible and you can’t play the corrupted video files due to this reason. To view again the digital content, opt this software. Let us know some of the reasons where you can select this software for repairing video files.

Cases In Which You Can Opt This Software To Repair Corrupted Video File:

  • Malware attack to the virus is rare scenario, but when it happened then it may corrupt or damaged video files and it may results in inaccessible of data.
  • When the file system is get corrupted due to any reason , then you need to opt for this software to repair corrupted video files
  • While transferring the video files to the other storage media, at that moment if any error takes place, then it may also result in corruption of video files and you need to select this software for repairing corrupted video files.
  • Header file corrupted for any reason may also results in inaccessible of corrupted video file. Here you should be opt for this tool

Whatever the reason behind the corruption of video files, just select this tool and get repaired corrupted video files and this makes you to read the content of the file. Let us know some of the features for which this tool is famous for.

Key Feature of Corrupted Video File Software:

  • This tool is non-destructive, it is readable software which able to repair corrupted video files without altering the original content of video files
  • It is compatible to fix corrupted video files on both Windows and Mac based PCs.
  • File Type Preview option is also available with this software which may help you to view the content of repaired video files.
  • Quickly perform repairing operation with the aid of its advanced techniques.

About The World’s First 16TB 3D V-NAND SSD

The latest giant lead was made in SSD drives by Samsung. It was built with a 16TB monster that was aimed to make this product as the data centre market.

3D vertical NAND flash chips which are much heralded by the company used the Samsung PM1663a and announced the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, it is the same place where SanDisk’s latest drive was announced in this week and it was aimed to provide elastic computing market.

16tb-ssdThe PM1663a is a latest 256 GB V-NAND chips boasting 480 of Samsung with no shrinking violet and 48 layers of NAND cells are available in each of it.

At the last the height of a standard SSD is twice a big old beast, any plans can be ruled out before you baulk at the price tag that is yet to be confirmed to your Ultrabook that you might plan for a mega upgrade.

About the nature of the drive the Samsung is been a bit shy, but usually the high capacity drives will not suit best to everyday use and the rewrites built in are in limited number and to content provision or archiving it will make them better suited.

On the display the Flash Summit is available for an array of a cool 768TB, 48 PM1663a drives that are managing two million individual operations per second and also a sea change is suggested in this time.

When you realize at the end of the day that these pales are insignificance, a ruddy huge SSD useable formatted capacity with a 15.36TB is released. 10 years back there were MMC cards with 32MB capacity. So still in a form factor a half million of those little MMC cards.

The cost of it is not disclosed by the Samsung, but we can expect that it can’t be much fewer than six to five grand. Put it in lappy if you can’t pay so much, at the end result it would make the 10x more valuable when compared with it before.

It’s all well known at the moment and many of them have approached Samsung to give more information and we can expect the details will be getting very soon.

Easy-to-use SSD Data Recovery Software

SSD stands for Solid State Device. It contain concrete disk and uses integrated circuit associated with efficient memory to store the data persistently. These SSD drives have various advantageous compared to other normal hard drive such as strong interface with memory which helps you to transfer the data from one system to other and store the data effectively.


Sometimes, your SSD doesn’t work properly and data get deleted or lost from SSD drive. And if you don’t have a valid backup of essential data. Don’t get tensed? Because now it is possible to recover data from crucial SSD drive with the assistance of Crucial Data Recovery Software. You can download and install the demo version of this tool on your system and use to perform crucial data recovery with utmost ease. If you are satisfied with these results then you can download the full version of this software to recover data from SSD drive which manufactured by different various brands such as Samsung, Hitachi, Lexar, WD, etc.

Common scenarios behind the deletion or loss of data from SSD drive:

  • Unintentional Deletion: This is the common mistake done by users. Sometimes deleting files accidentally using delete button leads to data deletion or loss from SSD storage drive.
  • Sudden Removal of Storage Device: An abrupt removal of external storage device during data transferring process from external storage device to system and vice versa, then it will result in loss of data from SSD storage device.
  • Bad Sectors on Storage Drive: The bad sectors present on SSD storage device makes your data inaccessible. If the effect of bad sectors is more on SSD drive then it results in the corruption of SSD drive which further cause loss of data from SSD.
  • Unsecure Software: Sometimes you download unreliable tool from the source and usage of the unreliable third party tool for creating the partition of SSD drive can leads to corruption of SSD drive.

Apart from the above described scenarios there are few more causes that leads to data deletion or loss from SSD storage drives such as SSD drive crash, hardware malfunction, software conflicts, etc. With the help of crucial SSD data recovery software, you can recover deleted or lost data from SSD drive under above mentioned major scenarios without any complexities.

Features of Crucial Data Recovery Software:

  • It is capable of recovering deleted or lost data from SSD drive on almost all version of Windows and Mac OS.
  • This program retrieves data from various internal hard drives types such as SATA, SCSI, PATA, and IDE support with support various file system on the basis of operating system.
  • You can retrieve different types of media files and so on from various storage devices SSD drives such as HDD drive, USB flash drive, memory cards, memory stick, etc.
  • It is designed with strong effective scanning algorithm which conducts quick scanning of SSD drives without facing any difficulties.
  • You can recover deleted or lost data from on different version of Mac operating system including Mac 10 X, Mountain Lion, Leopard, and Snow Leopard and so on.
  • You can view the SSD data recovered with the help of preview option drive prior to restoration.

Safe and Secure Way to Recover Deleted MP3 Files

mp3Now a day, peoples are using smart-phones, mp3 players, etc. to listen and save music. These audio tracks stored in memory card connected with device. These memory cards are non-volatile, which means the data stored on this card remain there after removing from device or power off the device. These memory cards are very small in size and having large storage capacity. People can connect memory card to the system by using card reader or usb cable in order to transfer the audios from the system to the card.

After connecting to the system, people perform scanning of memory card in order to remove virus from it. So, when you connect the card to the computer, your antivirus program starts with scanning. If it finds any virus, then it deletes the affected MP3 file. In such a case, if you don’t have any backup, then you will face mp3 file deletion issue. To recover deleted mp3 files from memory card, you need to utilize an advanced recovery program because there is no manual way to get back them.

MP3 Music Recovery is one of the efficient recovery program which allows users to restore MP3 file from memory cards along with various data storage devices easily. With the help of this recovery program you will be able to retrieve deleted MP3 files along with other file formats such as MP4, WAV, MIDI, AIFF, AMR, etc. from memory cards easily.

There are many reasons behind mp3 file deletion from the memory cards. Let us talk about some most common causes behind MP3 file deletion from memory card:

  • Memory cards contain FAT and NTFS file system to store files which may get corrupt due to virus infection. Due to virus attacks files saved in card become inaccessible.
  • During the file transferring process if any interruption occurs such as removal of card, sudden system shutdown, etc. may lead to file deletion.
  • If you eject memory card from the device abruptly, then it may result in loss of data.
  • Many times you may accidentally format memory card or delete all data from it by using Shift+ Delete keys.

Apart from above disused causes behind MP3 file deletion, there are various other reasons like improper removal, accidentally formatting, memory card corruption, etc. which may lead to file deletion from storage device. In such situation you can take some precautions to avoid such data deletion issue like:

  • You can keep updated antivirus in order to avoid virus infection.
  • Remove the memory card from the device in a proper way.
  • The best way is to keep regular backups of data from memory card.

Whatever can be a reason behind mp3 file deletion, you can easily recover them by utilizing MP3 Music Recovery app. This utility helps you to recover deleted mp3 files, video files, photos from memory card. This program supports around 300 types of files for recovery. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac based operating system including Win Vista, Yosemite, Win 7, Snow Leopard, Win 8, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Win XP and Lion. You can download the trial version of the software from the web.

About The Asus G751JY-DB72 Gaming Laptop

In the review of Asus G751JY-DB72 it is found that it’s a base model in the market in the year of introduction and it is not perfect. When compared to other expensive systems, this system is better in price and performance that got shipped in the past six months.

81SvZUKsxdL._SX425_Specs and availability:

The Asus Company manufactures many numbers of laptops that are under the G751JY brand, so while buying this you need to be aware of some specific attributes.

The specifications of this model are:

  • Intel Core i7-4720HQ CPU (3.6GHz Turbo, 2.6GHZ base)
  • RAM of 24GB DDR3L
  • SSD of128GB with additional storage of 1TB HHD.
  • Nvidia GTX 980M (4GB of RAM)
  • G-Sync enabled, 17.3-inch, 1920×1080 display.

The price of the handful DB72 for D-Sync model is around $2,000, along with 256GB SSD and 1TB HHD which is quite expensive. So the alternative laptop with all of these features is the G751JY-WH71. Instead of Blu-ray it uses DVD-ROM and it is identical to DB72, it is associated with a smaller 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD and a 16GB of RAM.

If the power house mobile gaming system is needed, than costs of $1569 for a GTC 980M and G-Sync panel is hard. The refresh series of Asus G752 series has not come closer. The cost of the G752VL-DH71 is $1,499 but only GTX 965M is offered by it, and the cost of the G752VT-DH74 is $2,000 and it tops with a GTX 970M. The GPUs is available in both the systems.

Performance and throttling:

On a high end laptop if you have looked at the specs and wonder how the stuff high-wattage CPUs and GPUs are managed by the manufacturers in to chassis, without running in to thermal problems they are still a friction the size of a modern desktop and running without any thermal problems.

The behavior of the throttling varies between laptop designs, product generations and system-level power consumption. The list of good versus bad is not available and with one set of components from the Vendor A, the same chassis may run perfectly, but with Vender B the powerful components. The Boutique customers’ nature tends to demand top end performance. If the right components are not seen by them, then they will approach to other companies.

All about Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Android tablets like the Editors’ Choice Tab S2 is high-end in LAS VEGAS. In the increasingly crowded Windows 10 arena, Samsung hasn’t really made a splash. With the announcement of the Galaxy TabPro S all changed at CES, with a Core M processor a pretty Windows tablet is slim enough to slip into a messenger bag.

Samsung-Galaxy-TabPro-S-3The Galaxy TabPro S feels very sturdy and it’s a thin device because of its metal frame and it is 6.3mm thick without the keyboard attached. The frame is with a dulled metal look and it looks exactly like Galaxy S6 phones and Samsung’s Note 5. Also, it gives premium feeling to the tablet and it is increased due to its lightness (1.53 pounds).

The front of the TabPro S is quite glossy and pretty like the Tab S2 and Samsung’s other Android tablets, it has a vibrant 12-inch, 2,560-by-1,440 Super AMOLED display. Most of the people love Samsung’s Super AMOLED tablet displays, rather than dull it makes the competition look.

Through USB-C rather than micro USB the Galaxy TabPro S is charged and it makes the tablet very modern, even when USB-C isn’t quite a universal standard. For some power users who want to carry a USB-C adapter, it could be a deal breaker. Unlike the Surface Pro 4 there is no built-in stylus also.

A battery of 5,200 mAh is needed by the tablet, as per the Samsung the battery can last up to 10 hours. An Intel Core M processor is available inside with RAM of 4GB and with internal memory of 128GB or 256GB, so simple processes can be ruined easily.

Galaxy TabPro S has a little different keyword case when compared to Surface Pro 4. To the back of the tablet, it is attached magnetically and for typing it can be used to prop the tablet up. Much like on other keyboard covers the keys are extremely close together and they feel responsive and fast.

The fingerprint sensor is one of the neatest things about the TabPro S. You can set it, if you want to securely unlock the TabPro S, so that the tablet will get unlock when you press your finger on the screen. The promising tablet from Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, for a business traveler, it is definitely a smart choice, especially for the Samsung phone lovers.