Micro SD Card Recovery Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Photos

In the SD card the mostly stored files are photo files, along with the audio files, video files. Photos play important role in every once life, because photos are captured in each and every awesome moments of the life. Nowadays mobile phones are more enough to capture the quality photos, so most of the people are not depending on the cameras to capture the images. In this case, the storage device in the smartphone is obviously SD card.

61mmcIxbHYL._SL1100_There are two types of SD cards, one is Micro and other is Macro. Macro SD cards belongs to old, which is big physically, where as Micro are short in size but the functions are same and also the storage capacity is more. In the current scenario there are many featured brands that are manufacturing the SD card. Some of them are Sony, Transcend, Kingston, Samsung, SanDisk, etc. Even though there are many advantages of the SD cards, there are many chances of photos getting deleted or lost. There are many reasons that are responsible for the loss or deletion of photos from the SD card.

Following are the causes of photos from the SD card:

Virus infection: The main reason behind the loss of photos from the SD card is due to virus infection. Virus will enter in the SD card while transferring of files from any other device that is already affected by the virus or by downloading any virus infected from any website.

Accidental deletion: In the SD card, there may be lot of unwanted photos which will be deleted by the user in order to have enough free space in the SD card. While doing any operation in the mobile SD card you may press delete button accidentally.

Bad sector: Sometimes due to overheating or physical damage, the bad sectors may occur. When the bad sectors occurs then the files that are present on those sectors will become inaccessible and intern they are loss of those files.

Other reasons: Apart from the above reasons there are some more reasons that are responsible for the deletion or loss of files from the hard drive. Some of them are due to accidental format, improper transfer of files, power surge, etc.

If this happens with you then you need not worry, because here is a solution which is very much effective. The solution is to recover lost photos from micro SD card by using a recovery tool. In the current scenario the most reliable tool for recovering the lost photos is Recover Card Files software.

This tool is abundantly used all around the world because the interface of this tool is more advanced and the user can handle this tool easily to cover the recovery process. Initially a demo version is provided and you can check the working of this software and then can have the purchase version. To know more about this software click on this link: http://www.recovercardfiles.com/lost-photos-from-micro-sd-card.html