How to Recover Data from a Partition on Windows OS?

“I’m using Microsoft windows 7 on my PC, this morning I noticed a partition missing from my drive. I had almost all my files saved that particular partition and now I can no longer find it anywhere on my PC. I rebooted my PC but still there’s no trace of the missing partition. Can someone please tell me how I could get a missing partition back as well as all its data? It includes different types of files like images, videos, pdf’s, word files, PowerPoint files, system files as well as other related documents of mine which i don’t wish to lose. ”

You can surely recover all data from a lost partition. All you may want is a software that will accomplish this task for you. One such software is shown right here in the video below:

It can retrieve all your files including large media files, word files, presentation files and many others.

Windows is no doubt the most widely used operating system as round the globe as of today. Alternatively, Windows 7 happens to be the most used version of Windows OS. It features a quick and easy interface compared to its predecessor Windows Vista which has been highly criticized by users throughout the world. Windows 7 allows you to partition your hard drive just like every other Windows versions which let you do so previously. Users partition their disk so as to divide the data within the disk among different partitions created by him. a user can create several partitions on his / her disk but  the partitions created can sometimes get infected by means of various factors leading to data loss. On the other hand, the data loss caused can be minimized by creating a backup for your data saved on the system. However, if you end up losing data and don’t have a backup for your lost data, then you can utilize the software shown above to recover your files back.

Causes for data loss on a partition:

  • Viruses within the hard disk might affect the partition and cause the data to be lost.
  • The user may end up accidentally deleting or maybe formatting the partition.

Why is this Application the most appropriate one for you?

  • Features an easy interface that is simple to use and recover your files.
  • Saves your recovered files to some safe folder rather than saving to the same drive. Thus helps prevent any data overwrite.
  • Supports as well as identifies all file formats that are in use as of today.
  • Runs with all versions of Windows and Mac OS.