Safe and Secure Way to Recover Deleted MP3 Files

mp3Now a day, peoples are using smart-phones, mp3 players, etc. to listen and save music. These audio tracks stored in memory card connected with device. These memory cards are non-volatile, which means the data stored on this card remain there after removing from device or power off the device. These memory cards are very small in size and having large storage capacity. People can connect memory card to the system by using card reader or usb cable in order to transfer the audios from the system to the card.

After connecting to the system, people perform scanning of memory card in order to remove virus from it. So, when you connect the card to the computer, your antivirus program starts with scanning. If it finds any virus, then it deletes the affected MP3 file. In such a case, if you don’t have any backup, then you will face mp3 file deletion issue. To recover deleted mp3 files from memory card, you need to utilize an advanced recovery program because there is no manual way to get back them.

MP3 Music Recovery is one of the efficient recovery program which allows users to restore MP3 file from memory cards along with various data storage devices easily. With the help of this recovery program you will be able to retrieve deleted MP3 files along with other file formats such as MP4, WAV, MIDI, AIFF, AMR, etc. from memory cards easily.

There are many reasons behind mp3 file deletion from the memory cards. Let us talk about some most common causes behind MP3 file deletion from memory card:

  • Memory cards contain FAT and NTFS file system to store files which may get corrupt due to virus infection. Due to virus attacks files saved in card become inaccessible.
  • During the file transferring process if any interruption occurs such as removal of card, sudden system shutdown, etc. may lead to file deletion.
  • If you eject memory card from the device abruptly, then it may result in loss of data.
  • Many times you may accidentally format memory card or delete all data from it by using Shift+ Delete keys.

Apart from above disused causes behind MP3 file deletion, there are various other reasons like improper removal, accidentally formatting, memory card corruption, etc. which may lead to file deletion from storage device. In such situation you can take some precautions to avoid such data deletion issue like:

  • You can keep updated antivirus in order to avoid virus infection.
  • Remove the memory card from the device in a proper way.
  • The best way is to keep regular backups of data from memory card.

Whatever can be a reason behind mp3 file deletion, you can easily recover them by utilizing MP3 Music Recovery app. This utility helps you to recover deleted mp3 files, video files, photos from memory card. This program supports around 300 types of files for recovery. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac based operating system including Win Vista, Yosemite, Win 7, Snow Leopard, Win 8, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Win XP and Lion. You can download the trial version of the software from the web.

Simple way to Rescue Deleted Files

There are several different kinds of electronic gadgets like (computer, laptop, memory card, iPod and mobile phones etc.) used Worldwide. In all these gadgets huge data can be stored and retrieved. It rescue all file types such as audio, video, images and other documented files. However, you may delete the file accidentally from your computer or a laptop. In such cases the deleted file becomes invisible to users. In addition to this, if the deleted files bypass the Recycle Bin when it exceeds maximum size, then those files will get permanently deleted from the system which cannot be recovered manually. Even so, each and every file that is deleted from the system or from other gadgets can be recovered easily by utilizing Rescue Deleted Files tool.

Distinct causes for File Deletion are described as listed below

Deletion of files knowingly or unknowingly: When user deletes particular file by using simple option “delete”, then that deleted file will be stored in Recycle Bin and it can be restored easily by using “restore” option. However, if a file is deleted using Shift + Delete command, then it results in permanent loss of files. By using this rescue deleted software you can recover all such files. In addition to this if you need to rescue deleted file from Windows 8 visit here:

Files lost during file transfer while using Cut, Copy and paste command: If a user transferring files from system hard drive to any other external hard drives using cut and paste method. Accidentally instead of selecting paste option if you select delete option then all the files will get deleted from particular hard drive / volume.

Virus attack and HDD issues: Virusattackis a severe problem on all computers and laptops, in which it affects all important files like word document, outlook PST files, image files and PPT files etc. present in your hard disk. Not only virus affected files, even it causes to other significant files which are protected. If you are using corrupted hard disk which is not a portable one, then you may lose all data in it.

A Software tool to Rescue deleted files from hard drive or External hard drive You may think that the files stored in one of your electronic gadgets are reliable and safe. Due to various problems and causes as listed above your files get deleted from your hard drive / external hard drive. However, an alternate solution to rescue deleted files you can use this Rescue Deleted Files tool for easy recovery.

This Rescue Deleted Files software is capable of recovering deleted files from formatted hard drive or external hard drive or volume, in which it recovers all deleted files through fast scanning process to the particular desired location. In addition, it supports both Windows OS and Mac OS versions. This software provides simple way to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin, even after files bypass the Recycle Bin / Trash. It is featured with an option called “Find” which helps in locating rescued files to its desired locations along with their file name, extension, creation date, size and several file types based on their unique signatures. Further, it also recovers deleted files from different flash memory cards (SD card, MMC, Memory Stick etc.) and hard drive types (SATA, SCSI, IDE etc.)