Know More on How to Fix MS Outlook Issues

“One day I was working on my Microsoft Outlook application, suddenly my computer got freeze and turned off. After rebooting I found that my Microsoft Outlook account Inbox folder is corrupted. Please suggest me a Microsoft Outlook repair tool to repair corrupted Outlook inbox.”

Microsoft Outlook is an email application which facilitates to send and receive e-mails. Microsoft Outlook is widely used by business people and corporates with the goal of frequent interaction with their clients. Microsoft Outlook is necessary for the individual who needs to keep track of all the upcoming events in his life. Microsoft Outlook help to coordinate all the events with the help of scheduling attributes like Outlook data file (.ost) compression, Attachment reminder, Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), IMAP, Startup performance, Add-in resiliency, Cached Exchange mode and People hub. With the Outlook it is possible to synchronize the e-mails from other e-mail services like Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt tool in Microsoft Outlook that helps in repairing and restoring of MS Outlook. Sometimes Scanpst.exe fails to repire Sevier corrupted files. On this situation only MS Outlook repair tool can support you to repire yours corrupted Outlook inbox.

How Microsoft Outlook get corrupted

  • Accidental termination of Outlook software while syncing emails may damage Outlook profile and restrict access, so beware of using Outlook application.
  • If virus affects computer hard drive, it may damage PST file format and other files present in the hard disk. Sometimes it restrict user from accessing Outlook profile.
  • PST file may get corrupt and inaccessible due to moving PST file on bad sectors of the hard drive.
  • File size limit for every Outlook versions is fixed. In earlier Outlook versions it was fixed with 2GB. If the PST files format is oversized the limit then the file might not get saved in PST file and it may causes corruption.

If you are suffering from any of these situations, then don’t worry any more make use of this efficient MS Outlook repair tool to repire your corrupted Outlook profile.

How to fix MS Outlook issues using Inbox Repair Tool:

Inbox Repair Tool is an effective MS Outlook repair tool. It is a read only application. It fixes corrupted MS Outlook without affecting any other attributes and personal data. This Microsoft Outlook repair tool can repire Outlook that are damaged due to any reasons.

  • It is a MS Outlook repair tool used for repairing the corrupted PST files .It help to get into access of Outlook profile by repairing Outlook elements like e-mails, contacts, notes, calendar, lists, etc.
  • It provides the real time view through Outlook style browser view of the repaired items on the basis of their size, file type, date of creation, etc.
  • Microsoft Outlook files size are limited and the PST files get corrupted when it exceeds the Outlook size. By using Inbox Repair Tool we can repair the oversized Outlook PST files.
  • It helps to repair password protected or highly encrypted PST and OST files.
  • Inbox Repair Tool supports on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Repair Outlook 2013 Files Unable to Open

Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 is the newest version of Outlook application, which has come up with eye-catching features than ever. It is provided with interactive interface and latest themes. However, the file size limit of the Outlook 2013 PST file is similar to its prior version i.e. Outlook 2010. Though, Outlook 2013 is equipped with advanced features. But unfortunately, there are situations that lead to corruption or damage of Outlook 2013 PST file. This in turn allows you to face PST file errors when you open your MS Outlook 2013. Since Outlook 2013 PST file stores each and every component in Outlook, the unknown errors crop up in Outlook 2013 PST file making all its emails and other folders unreachable. However don’t worry, as you can now effectively repair Outlook 2013 files unable to open using reliable quick repair files software. You can even make use of this app to know about how to repair Outlook files with ease.

Common scenarios that lead to corruption or damage of Outlook 2013 PST file

  • When MS Outlook 2013 is in use, if there is an abrupt system shut down then it can cause its PST file corruption and pop up error message when you try to open that application
  • Outlook 2013 PST file reaching its allocated file size limit also leads to its damage and it is one of the major causes for unexpected errors
  • If Outlook 2013 PST file is infected by harmful viruses, then it may infect its file structure severely as well as causes errors

In the above mentioned scenarios, you are unable to access Outlook 2013 PST file data. The above stated causes are the indication that Outlook 2013 PST file is corrupted and the errors that are displayed after corruption are “Outlook.pst could not be found”, “Cannot find .pst file”, “Oversized PST file problem” and many others.

You can use inbuilt repair tool (Scanpst.exe) to repair Outlook 2013 files unable to open which might repair Outlook files to some extent, however on the other side if the corruption is much more severe then, this app fails to repair corrupt Outlook 2013 PST file. And thus ends up in damaging Outlook 2013 PST file further, but don’t get upset when you try to open Outlook 2013 and you cannot open Outlook 2013 as you can know about how to repair Outlook 2013 unable to open with the help of quick repair files toolkit.

Features of quick repair files software

Quick repair files is the appropriate software that help to get rid of all the issues of corruption from Outlook 2013 when you are unable to open Outlook 2013. This tool use an advanced technology to scan (sector by sector) and repair Outlook 2013 PST file either corrupted or damaged and get back all your data like emails, contacts, notes, to do lists and many more. This app also has the capability to know about how to open Outlook data file damaged due to inbuilt repair tool (Scanpst.exe), compacting error etc. Other than supporting to repair Outlook 2013, this software can perform Outlook files repair on other different editions of Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 on all the newest versions of Windows operating systems. Hence, this software provides you the best solution to your question on cannot open Outlook 2013.