Solution on NTFS Quick Format

While talking about the storage devices the hard disk drive of computer will come in one of the top suggestions. Computer`s hard disk drive is taken as the one of the most safe, long life or permanent storage space to keep important data or any info. Computer hard disk drive can hold all types of data which includes audio data, video data, image file formats, text documents, various types software etc. performance of the computer system is depend on many factors and hard disk drive is one of them. If your hard disk is fill with full data then computer system might perform slow than performing with less data on disk drive.

To make your system perform with good speed you need to enough free space in hard drive. When data becomes full in the hard drive just frees the space or format the drive to get computer with good performance. But most of the times user will perform format operation without taking backup of the data; this situation will lead an individual into heartbreak. Nowadays, there is much software to get back data from formatted partition. But if you are little bit specific about file system like NTFS then don’t worry, here disclosing the excellent software, Quick Formatted Recovery, for this situation. This will recover the data from formatted partition.

Even though the computer hard disk drive is safe, secure place for data storage, there are many more reasons where you might get or force to format the hard disk drive and face the hell situation of data loss. Let us see some common cases where you or an individual can lose data because of hard disk drive format-


  • Suppose you are installing the operating system or formatting or reformatting the NTFS, and suddenly power goes off and system gets turn off. When you start the system and find that the particular partition is not accessible, in order to get access of it you will have to format it first.
  • MBR, Master Boot Record which hold the info of the whole drive. If MBR get damaged then also you will not able to access the drive and need to format the drive.
  • Also if hard disk drive get corrupt or NTFS table get corrupt, because these are the most important factors for the system to get access of it you need to format it.

Whatever will be the reasons for formatting partitions knowingly or unknowingly, this software app will definitely recover your data from formatted partition.


  • Supports all the versions of Windows Operation System.
  • Able to recover from flash drives, digital cams, iPods, FireWire drives etc.
  • Recovers different file types like zip archives, digital photos, spreadsheets, Word documents, audio, video etc.