Recovering Deleted Data from Formatted thumb Drive

“I had over 1GB of data on my thumb drive but last night I accidentally formatted the thumb drive and now all my data is lost. I don’t carry a backup of the data that I’ve lost so is there anything that can be done to get back all my lost files?”

You can surely get back your lost files from a formatted thumb drive by making use of a recovery software. This software will help you recover each and every file that is lost as a result of accidental format or deletion.

Thumb drives are one of the most widely used device to save data. They come in a small size which fits inside your pockets letting you carry it wherever you go. They also have the capacity to save large amounts of data on them which comes as a plus. Certain thumb drives also come with a write protection switch which when enabled prevents you or anyone from deleting or writing new data to the thumb drive. Nevertheless, you can still end up losing data from your thumb drive due to various reasons. Here are a few causes for the same:

  • Virus or malware in the thumb drive can access your data saved on it and delete it without your knowledge.
  • Deletion of files accidentally by the user.
  • Interruptions such as power failure while moving files from the thumb drive to another system.

During such calamities, it’s best to make use of this recovery tool which is the most widely used when it comes to formatted thumb drive recovery.

Why Is This Recovery Software The Most Recommended?

This software is trusted for years and is the best recovery tool there is. It has the ability to identify and recover file types of almost all types from a formatted thumb drive. It can be used to recover data from a thumb drive of any size or make such as Transcend, SanDisk and so on. The interface used by this software is also well equipped to help a novice user to use this software with ease and simplicity. After the software completes recovering the files from your formatted thumb drive, it lets you save the recovered files to any location on your system and takes you directly to the folder where you saved your recovered files. This software has the ability to recover images, songs, word files, PowerPoint files, MP4 files and so on.