Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Folders

Being a system user, you would have stored lot of data in specific folders inside a hard drive. In which you may have stored many important files in that specific folders. In case, by mistake if specific folders get deleted from your hard drive due to various reasons like virus attack or unknowingly deleting folders by using shift + delete keys. This can lead to loss or deletion of crucial files present in those folders. Then, no need to panic here is simple and finest Recover Folders software to recover lost or deleted folders within a span of time without difficulty.

Let’s describe about reasons for folders deletion or loss:

  • In your computer or laptop you will be using reliable anti-virus program to secure your data from virus issues. Sometimes, if system hard drive or external drive is inaccessible due to virus attack and using anti-virus software if you scan hard drive to repair infected folders.  During scanning process, including virus infected folders it may also delete few crucial folders and this will lead to folder deletion or loss.
  • To increase system efficiency, you might defrag particular hard drive often. During defrag process, if an error occurs then it will lead to defrag failure and deletes some important folders from system hard drive.
  • Folders and files can be deleted by user using simple windows command like “Delete”. When user does this the deleted folders and files can be seen in Recycle Bin and it can be restored manually. But, when user deletes these files and folders using Shift + delete command it results in permanent deletion.
  • To re-install OS you must re-partition or format specific hard drive. During OS installation, any interruption like using unreliable third party software or malware, power surge can cause OS failure and leads to folders loss or deletion.

To overcome these scenarios or reasons, you can utilize this Recover Folders application with simple steps and methods which can recover lost or deleted folders from hard drive or other external hard drive.

This folder recovery application is capable of recovering files and folders from different hard drive types like SATA, SCSI, IDE etc. and many manufacturing brands such as Western Digital, Seagate, LaCie, LaCie little and Buffalo etc. Recovers folders from both Windows OS (Windows Vista, 7, 8 etc.) and Mac OS (Mac OS X, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc.) versions and it helps user to view deleted folders on basis of their name, creation date, folder type and more.

Extending features of this software are:

  • Easily recovers deleted folders when they bypass the Recycle Bin.
  • It uses special algorithm and scans the deleted folders with ease.
  • To save disk space it has an option to compress the recovered folders in ZIP file format.
  • Has an option to preview the restored files and folders.
  • Not only recovers folders from hard drive, it can also easily retrieve lost or deleted folders from external hard disk, SD card, CF card, USB drive, memory cards, FireWire drive and pen drive etc.