How to Fix MP4 Video Files?

Hello friends, can anyone tell me how to fix MP4 video file?! Last night, I recorded a video of my brother’s marriage reception. The recorded video is of length 1:37 hours and saved with an extension .mp4. But, when I tried to play this MP4 video in my Windows system, I encountered with an error message saying that the video file is corrupted! I really don’t know what has happened so; I am in need of your help to know what might be the reason behind MP4 video file corruption and how to fix it.

A MP4 video file may go corrupt due to several reasons. However, you no need to be tensed! Because, there are various tools available on net to fix corrupted or damaged MP4 file. But one among them is, Fix MP4 Software which is specially designed and developed by industry experts to fix errors in MP4 file or corrupted MP4 video file in an efficient way. Fix MP4 is safe and secure application which doesn’t alter or edit the original video file while performing the corrupt file fixing operation.

Reasons behind MP4 video corruption

  • Faulty Firmware: Firmware is a small program which provides instruction on how a device should operate. If firmware of your digital camera is damaged, then there are chances that the recorded video may get corrupted and become unplayable.
  • Header Corruption: There are various factors for header file corruption. Once header file of your MP4 video gets corrupted, then a video with corrupt header becomes unplayable on any of the media player.
  • Malwares Attack: External threats like Malwares or viruses are very effective programs specially designed to corrupt the files stored on your storage device. That is, if your storage device gets severely infected by malwares, then the files stored on including MP4 video files get corrupted.
  • Other Reasons: The other reasons that results in corrupt MP4 video are abrupt system shutdown, inappropriate termination of media player, interrupted MP4 file transfer, improper download, corrupt storage device, sudden camera switched off while recording a video, bad sectors, etc.

These are the common scenarios that lead to MP4 video file corruption. Anyhow, Fix MP4 software works efficiently under all these video file corruption scenarios and help you to fix broken MP4 files in a short duration of time.

Advanced features of Fix MP4 Software

Fix MP4 is a highly rated and most reliable tool which has been suggested by industry professionals for fixing a corrupt MP4 file. This utility has strong scanning programs that effectively help you in MP4 file fix. It also has user friendly interface that guides you how to fix MP4 files within few couple of minutes. It separately fixes the audio and video data and then adjoins them to make a healthy and playable video file. This effective tool has potential to fix MP4 files that are unplayable on various media players like RealPlayer, QuickTime, VLC, SMPlayer, etc. If you want to know more about RealPlayer MP4 fix, then visit the following link: This fixing software is capable to fix large MP4 video files on various versions of Windows and Mac Operating System. Other than MP4, this program also supports other video file formats like AVI, MOV etc. Its Preview option allows you to view the repaired or fixed video file before restoration.