How to Fix Broken AVI File Index?

AVI (audio video interleave) is an audio and video file format developed by Microsoft, which is the default file format of various media player program on Windows computer. However, AVI file index easily gets broken due to several known or unknown reasons such as improper download, corrupted or damaged AVI file, sudden system shut down, abrupt termination of media player, codec issues, bad sector, media player application crash and many other factors.

Sometimes, you may encounter error messages like ‘AVI index file broken’ if you want to fix it ‘rebuild the index’. If you are getting similar problem then then you can try to fix it manually by clicking on rebuild index file. This process may take long time to rebuild AVI index file. But, if this method is unable to fix the issue then still you are able to fix broken AVI file index using any AVI repair software available on market. You can get lot of software to fix broken AVI file index, but Repair AVI is one of the best and reliable tool among them. This tool is specially designed to successfully fix AVI files with broken index.

This is the prominent tool that is preferred by most of the users to repair AVI files with broken index using simple steps. It can easily repair broken AVI file index due to downloading error, sharing on network, improper transferring etc. This highly rated tool has a great ability to handle any issue regarding broken AVI file index.

Reasons behind broken AVI file index:

  • If the AVI file has been improperly downloaded via internet due to unstable internet connection or using improper download method, then the AVI file index may get broken or damaged.
  • Due to viruses or worms AVI file index may get broken, which can make them unplayable on any media player.
  • While playing AVI file on any media player application installed on computer, abrupt shut down of computer may lead to broken AVI file index, which may further refuse to open or unable to play on any digital media player application.
  • Sometimes, third party application can also make changes to AVI file, which may result in broken AVI file index, corruption or inaccessible.
  • Frequently playing AVI file on malfunctioned or unreliable media player, may lead to corruption of AVI media file including broken AVI file index.
  • Interrupted transfer of AVI file from one storage device to other can corrupt codec file structure, which may result in broken AVI index file.

Why to use Repair AVI software?

Repair AVI is virus free, secure and safe tool to fix AVI files with broken index encountered on any media player. This tool is compatible on various versions of Windows OS enabled computer such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista and more. It provides simple and easy to use interface to help new user to fix AVI files with broken index with utmost ease. Along with fixing broken AVI index file, this tool can also be utilized to repair corrupt AVI file within few simple clicks.