Software to Recover External Hard Drive Data

There are lots of external hard drives available now to store large amount of data such as MP3 collections, video clips, movies, important documents and applications. External hard drive is huge advantage since it can be carried out anywhere and files can be transferred from PC/Laptop or vice-versa by connecting via USB storage. Also, external hard drive consists of large storage capacity ranging up to 5TB and it is one of the best portable devices to back up essential data from an unauthorized users.

However, what happens if you lost important data from external hard drive? Surely, this sort of incidence will make you worry because re-creating the lost or deleted file is not an easy task. Well! If you have crossed such kind of situations then don’t get worried thus with the usage of External Hard Drive Recovery Software you can easily get back your lost or deleted data in a few simple mouse clicks. This is the software which is used by many professional users to recover data from external hard drive in a simple and effective way.

Scenarios on how data get deleted or lost from External Hard Drive:

  • Abrupt Ejection of External HDD: You may decide to transfer data from external hdd to system or vice-versa. During data transfer process, if you abruptly eject the external hard disk then there is a chance for data loss from external hdd.
  • Unintentional Deletion: There might be some unwanted data which you want to delete from external hard drive. While deleting such data, you might unintentionally end up deleting up some of your essential data by selecting “delete all” option.
  • Partitioning Failure: You might decide to partition the external hard drive in order to access the data in an easy way. While partitioning the external hard drive, if any interruption occurs such as partition table corruption or hard drive crash thus this sort of incidence can result in huge data loss in a fraction of second.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios there are other reasons such as formatting external hdd partition, virus infection, third party utility, file system corruption, etc. But by using External Hard Drive Recovery Software you can restore lost or deleted data in just a matter of time.

Features of External Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • This is an appropriate tool to recover any kind of lost or deleted files from external hard drive in a short span of time.
  • It has the ability to scan entire hard drive and restore data which are lost or inaccessible due to disk formatting or partition corruption.
  • With the usage of this utility, you can perfectly get back data from various brands of external hdd such as Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, WD, Sony, Hitachi, and so on.
  • Once the data is recovered from external hard drive you can sort retrieved data on the basis of file name, date, size and location.
  • Also, this software has the capability to retrieve data from flash disks, iPod’s, Firm wire and SD cards.
  • You can install and utilize this recovery software in major Windows OS.

How to Recover Deleted Videos

“I had a folder full of videos on my Windows OS and I just discovered that some videos are missing from the said folder. They were some of the videos from my graduation day and I don’t wish to lose them since I don’t carry a backup for the same. So, is there anything I can do to get some of my missing videos back again?”

Of course, you can. To get deleted, lost or missing videos back you need a recovery software that will let you scan and recover back the videos from any of your drives. Here is the recovery software that you need for getting back deleted, lost or missing videos from a drive on your Windows or Mac OS. You can see in the link how efficiently and in a quick time the software retrieves the videos from your drives.

Videos are extensively used on computers as of today. Some users tend to save hundreds of videos on their drives without creating a backup for the same. This however wouldn’t create a huge cause for worry until he loses them to uncertainties that might strike his/her system at any time. Creating backups for your data is an essential requirement which most people don’t care to create one. Backups will be a ray of light when one loses data from his/her system. However, you can also recover back data such as videos, images, songs and so on with the help of a recovery software like the one that’s available at the link above. But there’s one thing you need to remember after losing data from a drive, the drive has to be completely put away and never be used. Here’s why… the deleted, lost or missing data from your drive isn’t completely erased but is rather still present on it which cannot be seen or accessed by the user. This data can only be accessed with the help of a recovery software. This data remains until it’s overwritten by new data after which it can never be recovered. So to avoid all chances of data overwrite, it’s recommended to not use the drive after data loss.

Causes for video loss:

  • Viruses in the system can gain access to the video files causing them to be deleted from its drive.
  • Interruptions while moving or transferring videos from the drive to another drive can cause file loss as well.
  • Accidental deletion or format of the drive can once again lead to file loss if the user had no prior backup created.

Features of this Video Recovery Software:

  • Has the ability to recover videos of all types such as MOV, XVID, DIVX, MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV and so on.
  • With its simple user interface, recovering deleted, lost or missing videos requires just a few mouse clicks.
  • Saves the recovered videos to a safe folder of your choice and lets you have a preview of the recovered videos even before you can save it to a target folder.
  • Comes with the best recovery algorithm specifically designed to recover each and every deleted, lost or missing video from your drives.

Formatted External Hard Drive Data Recovery Program

The reputation of external hard drive is growing incessantly in these days. This external hard drive can be easily transported, replaced and borrowed. As it is portability feature, everyone over this globe prefers to keep their crucial files in these external hard drives. Even though it has many useful features, likewise other devices, external hard drive is not protected from data loss. One of the common issue that leads to loss of files from external hard drive is by format issue. Sometimes you might format the external hard drive by mistake and then regret for your own mistake as you do not have the backup of those important files.

If you are the one who has experienced this data loss situation due to format on external hard drive then you will be searching for the fast and good solution. A formatted external hard drive is not at all a problem for those who lost some data in this process because the solution is only a click away. Formatting external hard drive doesn’t mean that you have lost all your files forever. Many of the normal programs that are available in the market to recover files from formatted external hard drive will probably not work. Still there is a hope and if you make use of this reliable third party application that is named as undo format. With the help of this program, you will be able to recover data from formatted external hard drive in a few mouse clicks without any issues.

Important tips to be followed

Disconnect external hard drive from the system carefully and do not take out external hard drive in between data transfer process. If your system does not have an updated antivirus program then it is suggested to download it immediately to scan and remove deadly viruses from portable external hard drive.

Now let us learn what are the features of this undo format application, this program is designed with an advanced scanning algorithm that effectively performs sector by sector scanning of drives. Undo format toolkit ignores the existing file system and then extracts the data from the previous file system in few minutes. This utility can easily restore photos, audio files, video files, documents, raw images, spreadsheets, etc. from formatted external hard drive. It has an ability to rescue files from accidentally formatted flash drive, external USB drive, memory card and other devices. This application not only supports recovery of formatted files from formatted external hard drive but also applied to get back files from formatted system hard drive with utmost ease. Look around this page- if you need to get additional information on recovery of files from formatted hard drive.

Some of the situations where this undo format utility is helpful in recovering files from external hard drive are explained here: While removing external hard drive from your system, you may mistakenly click on “Format” option in place of “Eject” option. On formatting you end up with erasure of files stored on the external hard drive. Sometimes your system displays the drive with red color when the portable hard drive’s memory is almost full. And if you need to move some files to the external hard drive and in case the file size is very large, then you format the external hard drive and later realize that it had some important files.

How to Recover Data from a Partition on Windows OS?

“I’m using Microsoft windows 7 on my PC, this morning I noticed a partition missing from my drive. I had almost all my files saved that particular partition and now I can no longer find it anywhere on my PC. I rebooted my PC but still there’s no trace of the missing partition. Can someone please tell me how I could get a missing partition back as well as all its data? It includes different types of files like images, videos, pdf’s, word files, PowerPoint files, system files as well as other related documents of mine which i don’t wish to lose. ”

You can surely recover all data from a lost partition. All you may want is a software that will accomplish this task for you. One such software is shown right here in the video below:

It can retrieve all your files including large media files, word files, presentation files and many others.

Windows is no doubt the most widely used operating system as round the globe as of today. Alternatively, Windows 7 happens to be the most used version of Windows OS. It features a quick and easy interface compared to its predecessor Windows Vista which has been highly criticized by users throughout the world. Windows 7 allows you to partition your hard drive just like every other Windows versions which let you do so previously. Users partition their disk so as to divide the data within the disk among different partitions created by him. a user can create several partitions on his / her disk but  the partitions created can sometimes get infected by means of various factors leading to data loss. On the other hand, the data loss caused can be minimized by creating a backup for your data saved on the system. However, if you end up losing data and don’t have a backup for your lost data, then you can utilize the software shown above to recover your files back.

Causes for data loss on a partition:

  • Viruses within the hard disk might affect the partition and cause the data to be lost.
  • The user may end up accidentally deleting or maybe formatting the partition.

Why is this Application the most appropriate one for you?

  • Features an easy interface that is simple to use and recover your files.
  • Saves your recovered files to some safe folder rather than saving to the same drive. Thus helps prevent any data overwrite.
  • Supports as well as identifies all file formats that are in use as of today.
  • Runs with all versions of Windows and Mac OS.

Powerful Tool to Recover Lost Files from External Hard Drive

Today external hard drive becomes more popular because of its striking features like portable, huge data storage capacity etc. Mainly external hard drives are introduced to eliminate the drawbacks of internal hard drive such as by using internal hard drives it’s very difficult to transfer data from one system to other system etc. Today most of the computer users used to take backup of their important data with the help of external hard drive.

Most of the computer users assume that, the data stored in the external hard drive is safe forever. But this assumption is not right because data loss scenarios are commonly present in external hard drive also. If you lost any crucial files from your external hard drive then it’s really a painful situation for anyone. But now no need of worry because by making use of most efficient File recovery tool it’s possible to recover lost files from external hard drive efficiently.

Data loss scenarios of external hard drive

  • Damaged Drive: If your external hard drive gets damage then it will not allow accessing the data which is present on it. Usually external hard drives get corrupted due to severe virus attack and sometimes it’s because of abrupt power cut off when certain task is in progress.
  • Accidental Formatting: Due to file system corruption data access from removable disk is not possible and external hard drive usually show disk format error. In such case if you go for formatting then the data within external disk will be lost.
  • Data Transfer Interruptions: While taking backup from computer to external hard drive or while sending any data from external hard drive to computer, during this process if any kind of interruptions like abrupt external drive ejection occurs then which leads to loss of data.

 Features of File recovery tool

  • File recovery tool has capacity to recover all the lost files from external hard drive and list them in particular order on the basis of name, date of file creation, file size etc.
  • By making use of this utility removable disk recovery task became easy due to its attractive and user friendly interface.
  • This software has feature to recover any other removable devices like USB drives, Memory cards etc.
  • This application is well equipped with powerful algorithm and by using this any kind of lost files can be recovered.
  • This tool has great feature to support different external hard drive brands like HP, Sony, Transcend, Kingston, Samsung etc.
  • This advanced disk recovery application can successfully run on all versions of Windows operating system.
  • It also has capability to work on Mac operating system versions like Mac Lion, Mac Leopard, and Mac Snow Leopard.
  • By making use of “Save Recovery Session” user can stop recovery process at any point of time then later it can be possible to resume the recovery process whenever it’s required.
  • This tool has “preview” option; by making use of this user can preview the recovered files before purchasing the product.