How to Erase Memory Card

Whenever your Mobile phone internal memory is not sufficient to store your data then probably you may use external storage device called memory card. These memory cards available in market in different sizes such as SD card, micro SD card, Mini SD card in order to support different gadgets. You can use this memory cards to store data like photos, videos files, audio files. Sometimes you might have used memory card to store data like your office files, business secrets etc, and this data may be very confidential. At times when you want to erase this data you may delete from memory card by using available simple delete option, and think your data is no more. But do you know that, you can recover deleted data by using recovery software? After realizing this fact you may be in dilemma, how to erase this data permanently. But don’t worry because software called erase memory card tool is available in market by using which you can erase data permanently.

By using this erase memory card tool you can permanently erase memory cards like SD card, micro SD card, mini SD card and so on. With the help of this software you can delete files like audio files, video files, photos permanently.

Why you need to erase the data on memory card permanently?

  • Sometimes when you want to purchase new memory card then you may sell your old memory card to others. So you can use this erase memory card tool to erase the data and sell it.
  • If you want to dispose your memory card which is having crucial information, then you can use this erase memory card software to erase data permanently and then dispose it.

Highlights of erase memory card software:

  • Erase memory card software delete files and folders permanently from memory cards, hard drives, USB drives etc
  • This software provides you an option called “wipe free disk space” to shred previously deleted files from your memory card
  • By using this software you can also erase files permanently from deleted recycle bin
  • This software is built-in with scheduler so that you can shred the data as per scheduled time or event.
  • This software erases the data very quickly so that you can save your valuable time.
  • You can also use demo version of this tool so that, you can verify its functionality before purchasing this software. If you satisfied with this software then you can buy this software.
  • This erase memory card tool supports to erase data on Sony memory stick pro.
  • This software provides various data shredding patterns like Peter Guttmann, DOD Standard5220.22.M, NAVSO, etc… according to user’s security comfort.

This erase memory card software is more suitable for erasing data permanently because this software over writes on your data files and folders with some garbage values for number of times which ultimately deletes files permanently