About The World’s First 16TB 3D V-NAND SSD

The latest giant lead was made in SSD drives by Samsung. It was built with a 16TB monster that was aimed to make this product as the data centre market.

3D vertical NAND flash chips which are much heralded by the company used the Samsung PM1663a and announced the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, it is the same place where SanDisk’s latest drive was announced in this week and it was aimed to provide elastic computing market.

16tb-ssdThe PM1663a is a latest 256 GB V-NAND chips boasting 480 of Samsung with no shrinking violet and 48 layers of NAND cells are available in each of it.

At the last the height of a standard SSD is twice a big old beast, any plans can be ruled out before you baulk at the price tag that is yet to be confirmed to your Ultrabook that you might plan for a mega upgrade.

About the nature of the drive the Samsung is been a bit shy, but usually the high capacity drives will not suit best to everyday use and the rewrites built in are in limited number and to content provision or archiving it will make them better suited.

On the display the Flash Summit is available for an array of a cool 768TB, 48 PM1663a drives that are managing two million individual operations per second and also a sea change is suggested in this time.

When you realize at the end of the day that these pales are insignificance, a ruddy huge SSD useable formatted capacity with a 15.36TB is released. 10 years back there were MMC cards with 32MB capacity. So still in a form factor a half million of those little MMC cards.

The cost of it is not disclosed by the Samsung, but we can expect that it can’t be much fewer than six to five grand. Put it in lappy if you can’t pay so much, at the end result it would make the 10x more valuable when compared with it before.

It’s all well known at the moment and many of them have approached Samsung to give more information and we can expect the details will be getting very soon.