Software to Recover Deleted HTC Evo Applications

Nowadays, HTC EVO is one of the renowned Android Smartphone runs on its WiMAX network so most of the people across worldwide preferring this mobile phone due to numerous stunning features such as premium design, amazing HD camera, beats audio built in to listen music, ultra fast internet connectivity with simultaneous voice and data capability, GPS using sprint navigation, internal large storage capacity, sensors (proximity, compass, Accelerometer) and much more. Well, in spite of having all these tremendous features at times apps stored on HTC EVO Android phone mat get deleted due to some unforeseen technical glitches or human faults.

Have you ever faced above mentioned situation? If yes, then how will you recover deleted apps on your respective HTC EVO mobile phone? Do you have any idea over best recovery software to resolve this issue? To all the stated queries, if your respond is “NO”, then no need to get tense because here you will get complete information on deleted apps recovery from htc evo with few simple mouse clicks. To understand, step by step recovery process, just continue read this page till end.

Few most common reasons in which HTC EVO apps gets delete are listed below:

  • Unintentional Deletion: Sometimes to make space in internal memory, you may start deleting unwanted or useless apps which are no more useful in future. Which performing this task at times you by mistakenly or accidentally delete important apps which is required for functioning HTC EVO phone, this type of incidence results is freezing of gadget or may not operate properly. But using this application you can recover files.
  • Third Party Utility: For instant use, most of us install some freeware applications in our HTC EVO mobile phone. Well, these apps sometimes enclose malicious code which spreads on complete phone within matter of minutes and harms entire applications. Sometimes these apps even deletes HTC EVo Android phone other applications, which in turn finally results in freezing, not functioning properly or even phone will restarting automatically.
  • Virus Attack: Harmful viruses like Adware, Trojan or Malware attack on HTC EVO mobile phone sometimes results in deletion of important apps or other data enclosed on it. Generally, hazardous virus enter into the HTC EVO mobile phone either from downloading apps from untrustworthy sites via internet, copying files from system or transferring data from already infected Android phone. Well, with the aid of this tool, you can recover HTC EVO data in matter of minutes.

In addition to the above mentioned scenarios there are certain other reasons such as software conflicts, operating system crash, hardware failure, during antivirus scan, deletion of APK files, memory card corruption, unintentional formatting, inadvertent uninstalling important app instead on uninstalling useless app, etc. Well, whatsoever might be the reason behind deletion of apps from HTC EVO Android phone, don’t get panic because with the help of this HTC Android recovery software you can recover all data. This utility is designed with built in special algorithms which rigorously scan complete HTC EVO phone in short duration of time and recover deleted apps without any difficulty.

Software Striking Features:

  • The tool comfortably and successfully retrieves HTC EVO deleted apps on respective Android OS such as Jelly bean, Donut, Froyo, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, etc.
  • The application is compatible on almost all versions of Windows operating system such as Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 including Windows 8 system \ laptops.
  • Moreover, with the help of this software, you can also restore deleted images, videos, movies, text documents and other media files utmost ease.
  • It even supports data recovery from different types of memory cards such as SD, XD, CF, SDHC, SDXC, etc enclosed in HTC EVO phone.
  • By making use of this software you can also restore deleted APK files without any complexity.
  • Apart from HTC EVO apps recovery, you can also restore deleted apps from brands of Android phones like Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Micro max, Motorola, etc.

Why to Use This Software?

  • The tool is fast, effective and requires nominal disk space for installation
  • Designed with simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) and free from virus or Malware infection
  • Professional technical support team is available for assistance 24 * 7, if you come across any difficulty while using this application
  • Even free demo version is available to check its performance before buying complete edition.

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Maintain updated antivirus in your respective HTC EVO phone and on regular interval of time scan complete Smartphone to get rid from virus intrusion
  • Before deleting any apps from HTC EVO phone make sure about your selection
  • Don’t connect your HTC EVO phone to virus infected computer \ laptops
  • After deleting apps don’t use your phone until recovery operation is carried out in order to prevent overwritten issues.