Steps to Retrieve Data from Formatted SD Card

Secure Digital Card, generally known as SD Card, is usually used to store the data. SD card is just like small storage device. It is portable because you can carry it anywhere with you easily. SD cards are simple in using methods, just with simple strategy of plug n play and you are able to use it as you wish. Like hard disk drive SD cards also vary in storage capacity. Nowadays its range starts from 2 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB also can range up to 2TB available in the market.

As its storage device, you can put various types of data on it like audio data, video data, text documents, different types of software, some personal data, even can use it as a boot device also. SD card is portable device, it is normal that you will connect and use it with numbers of and various types of systems like personal computers, laptops, players etc. This will give birth to possibility of damage of your SD card as a result you might lose your data which you have stored on SD card!!! But don’t get scared, for this situation here exhibits a perfect solution, Data Recovery SD Card tool.

With this tool in your pocket you can feel relax even after loss of data from your SD card, because this tool will recover all your data from SD card. There are numerous reasons for data loss from your SD card. Let`s highlight some common situations where you might lose data from SD card-


  • Formatting issue- it’s a common case, by mistake if you perform format operation on SD card will lead to loss of data completely.
  • Lac of durability-if you store data on some unreliable quality SD card ten there are chances of drop of data for sure.
  • Corruption issue- while performing an operation with SD card like transfer of data with the computer system and system encounters power surge then data will be lost due to corruption.

Many more cases are there in addition to the above mentioned like virus affection, rough handling of SD card, tampering with the card etc.  But you don’t worry this tool will work for you to recover data from SD card. This tool stands out because if its advanced features, let`s see some of it-


  • Supports memory cards like XD, MMC Memory Sticks etc. Also supports USB external drives, FireWire Drives, iPods etc.
  • Recovers data from hard drives like SATA, SCSI, and IDE etc.
  • Ability to recover files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT drives or partitions.
  • Also retrieve data from NTFS drive even though the files are in compressed format.
  • Deleted data will be gained with ADS (Alternate Data Streams) attribute.

Wie Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo Wiederherstellen von Daten

Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo ist eine erstaunliche Speicherstick von Sony Corporation ins Leben gerufen. Es bietet eine hohe Datenübertragungsgeschwindigkeit und bietet mehr Platz zum Speichern wichtiger Daten. Grundsätzlich gibt es zwei Versionen der Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo; sie sind 16GB-Version und 32GB-Version. Unter anderen Arten von Sony Memory Stick, wird diese PRO Duo vor allem durch viele der Benutzer bevorzugt.

Neben der so viele Vorteile bietet, manchmal sind die Sony-Memory-Stick PRO Duo gespeicherten Daten verloren gehen, falls Sie keine wichtigen Daten zu verlieren, dann nicht bekommen, besorgt nur die Hilfe von Memory Stick-Recovery-Software und bringen verlorene Dateien auf einfache Ansatz.

Wie Daten wird von Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo verloren?

Dies ist häufig gestellte Frage, die von vielen Menschen aufgefordert, auch die Gründe für Datenverlust sind unten angegeben:

  • Versehentliches Löschen: Löschen von Daten versehentlich ist eine der Hauptursachen, es geschieht, wenn ein Benutzer Fehler beim Löschen von unnötigen Dateien, dh statt der Auswahl nutzlosen Daten, wenn der Benutzer wichtigen Daten dann ausgewählte Daten verloren gehen.
  • Virus-Infektion: Wie alle anderen Speichergeräten auch Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo ist anfällig für Virus-Infektion, wenn eine schädliche Virus gelangt in Sony-Memory-Stick PRO Duo, wird das Dateisystem beschädigen. Sobald das Dateisystem beschädigt, dann können keine Daten von ihm abgerufen werden, was schließlich endet mit schweren Verlust wichtiger Daten.
  • Unsachgemäße Handhabung: Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo sollte mit Vorsicht behandelt werden, beispielsweise sollte es nicht plötzlich von seiner Host-Gerät entfernt werden. Wenn dann getan Sie wesentliche Datenverlust davon.

Doch mit Memory-Stick-Recovery-Software können die verlorenen Daten sehr einfach wiederhergestellt werden, auch die Dateien, die gelöscht wurden, können mit diesem Tool wiederhergestellt werden. Wenn Sie Dateien von der Memory-Stick wiederherstellen wollen, dann klicken Sie einfach hier:

Memory Stick Recovery-Tool umfasst diese unten genannten hilfreiche Funktionen:

Es ist ein wirksames Instrument, das die Fähigkeit zur Rückgewinnung von verlorenen oder gelöschten Dateien von Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo hat. Nicht nur von PRO Duo, mit dieser Anwendung können Sie die Datenwiederherstellung von allen Arten von Sony-Memory-Sticks mit führen PRO Duo und etc. Es kann leicht erholen fast alle Arten von Dateien, einschließlich verlor Fotos, Videos und Musikdateien. Neben den Memory Stick Verwertung; Diese Software kann verwendet werden, um Daten von USB-Sticks, Speicherkarten, externe Computer-Festplatten etc. Mit Hilfe dieser Recovery-Tool Sie Memory Stick Recovery sowohl unter Windows als auch Mac Computern durchführen zu gewinnen. Ina sehr kurzer Zeit, kann diese Software verlorene oder gelöschte Dateien von Sony PRO Duo Memory Stick wiederherstellen. Es ist eine ausgezeichnete Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo Datenrettung-Tool, das von hochqualifizierten IT-Experten entworfen worden ist. Neben der Wiederherstellung von Daten von Sony-Memory-Sticks, dieses Tool Datenrettung von verschiedenen Marken der SanDisk Memory Stick inklusive, Transcend, Lexar, Kingston usw. durchführen können.

Probieren Sie die Demo-Version dieses Tools, die auf Web verfügbar ist. Wenn Sie mit ihm zufrieden bekommen dann kaufen ihre lizenzierte Version.

Fix Broken PST file 2010

Are you in search for software which will fix your broken PST files of Outlook 2010? Then stop here and take a look, here we have perfect software for you fix broken pst file 2010 that will Fix Broken PST file 2010. Microsoft Outlook 2010 is an application which is in use all around the globe. Number educational institutes, public and / or private offices and many others are using Microsoft outlook 2010 with the intension to posting or getting the mails, to create the different types of folder, to save the mails into the drafts and so on. This application works on the internet it means its open invitation for the viruses and malwares which will surely harm your files and break it.

While with the deleted emails, it is able to fix deleted contacts, calendar items, meeting requests, appointments, journals, RSS feeds, tasks, notes.  Now we will see scenarios where Microsoft Outlook PST files get broken.


  • Virus Attack- As this application works in the internet there is very much possibility of virus attack on the files. For the user it will become the bad situation to face.
  •  PST file sharing on the net- When we going to share the file in the internet, the process is going on and suddenly the power failure happens. This situation will put you in damage of PST files.
  • Connection lose-  some important documents or files you are sending to your friends all most all the data has transferred only little remained and due to some problem connection get lost. The situation results in significant lose of data.

There are many other reasons where PST file data can be lost like header file corruption, deleting file by mistake, over size of PST file, up gradation of outlook version etc. You can keep proper PST file backup to avoid facing problem in such situations. But still unluckily you are facing the problems and not able to open Outlook 2010 PST files, also this consuming your precious time. By making use of this software you can repair PST file very easily. Even the PST files which are password protected and PST files with compression or having encrypted processed can repair easily. Let`s see some impressive features of this software.


  • Outlook has the inbox repair tool too. The PST files which are not repaired by using that tool can be repaired.
  • You have to choose in two options for scanning the files and for output depending on the level of the corruption on the PST files.
  • Files created on Outlook versions 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 can be repaired with ease. It also can repair OST files.
  • The repaired PST files will be generated in the Outlook 2003 to 2010 format so that it will be easy to import.
  • It supports latest versions of Windows operating system 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2007, and 2003.

Safest way to repair PST file of Outlook 2010

I have been denied access to my Microsoft Outlook 2010 when I tried to open it. I have very important mails in my Outlook PST file which is very much required to me, can anyone suggest me a good repair tool which can easily repair the PST file within less time.

Whenever a user is denied access to MS Outlook then the problem lies within PST file. A PST file is an important file where the outlook related every information gets stored. A PST file manages inbox mails, sent mails, tasks, notes etc. And when this PST file gets corrupted or damaged due any reason then it may lead to inaccessibility of MS outlook.

These days as mail have become the major means of communication for every small and large business sectors; the use of email client like MS Outlook 2010 has turn out to be popular software. And compared to other email clients MS Outlook has its unique and great features. Any data on the computer is susceptible to get damaged or corrupted due to various reasons and when any loss happens to your PST file then there can be a huge loss to your Outlook mails.

Reasons for PST file corruption:

  • When a PST file crosses the maximum size limit specified by MS Outlook, then a PST file can get corrupted resulting in inaccessibility of Outlook.
  • If a PST file is shared by many users via network and if every user tries to modify the PST file at the same time then this can lead to PST file corruption.
  • If computer is infected by virus then this can in turn infect the PST file due to which Outlook can become inaccessible.

The above mentioned are some of the reasons for which a user will be denied to have access on Outlook PST file.

Highlights of Outlook PST repair tool:

  • This tool will not modify the corrupted PST file while repairing, and after the repair of the corrupted PST file it creates a fresh PST file.
  • This tool can easily repair a PST file that was corrupted by other repair tools after repairing.
  • This software is recommended by many experts as it is virus free software which acquires less space in your computer after installation.
  • This tool is designed by utilizing powerful algorithm by which one can easily repair a PST file which is password protected.
  • This popular tool can retain every attributes after the repair of a corrupted PST file.
  • This tool can quickly repair a PST file which is compressed.
  • This well-known tool can effortlessly repair a PST file which was corrupted due to improper compact process.
  • This tool can be successfully installed on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008 and Windows 2003 to repair a corrupted PST file.
  • This renowned tool can easily repair a PST file which was not repaired by ScanPST.exe.

Best Way to Undelete Files Android

More often, Android device comes up with various advanced and innovative features like huge internal as well as external storage memory, high quality camera, brilliant screen resolution and many others. Besides, all these advancements you cannot avoid data loss due to various reasons few among them are human mistakes including unintentional deletion, sudden formatting of Android device and many others. However, in order to overcome such unfavorable situations you can simply use Undelete After software to restore deleted or lost files from Android device within few mouse clicks. With the help of this advanced software, you can undelete files including photo, audio, video and other multimedia files from Android device with great ease.

Moreover, it has built in scanning algorithms to perform deep scanning of internal and external memory to identify deleted or lost files including contacts, messages and APK files to reuse them. It has the capability to restore deleted files from Android based devices of numerous manufacturing brands like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Lenovo, etc with ease. Make use of this robust software to restore deleted files from Android device due to improper handling of Android phone like switching off phone abruptly, file system corruption, etc.

Reasons behind loss of files from Android device:

  •  Virus Infection: At times, when you connect the Android device to any virus infected PC or system can severely corrupt the internal and external memory of Android device result in data loss.
  • Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes, you may wrongly format the Android device connected to your system, instead of other system drive can make you lose entire data within few minutes.
  • Improper Handling of Android Device: There may be instances while transferring crucial files from Android device to other storage device, as a sudden switching off Android device can result in data loss.

In order to overcome the all the above-mentioned Android phone file loss scenarios, it’s suggested to keep proper backup of important files from Android device to other external storage device. Additionally, stop using the Android device to prevent overwriting of existing data with the newer ones. Instead, you can simply utilize Undelete After tool to undelete files from Android memory card of different types like SD card, SDHC, SDXC, CF card, XD card, etc of numerous manufacturing brands like SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, etc.   It has the ability to restore deleted files from Android phone or tablet running on latest versions of Android OS GingerBread, ICS, JellyBean, Kitkat, etc. Further, it is compatible to restore deleted files from Android running on the latest versions of Windows OS 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc.

Helpful Partition Data Recovery Tool

Hard drive partitioning is nothing but dividing the hard drive into logical storage units. Disk partitioning will be very helpful when backup of important data is supposed to be taken, and while reinstalling the OS it can avoid loss of data. Besides these, disk partitioning can offer lot of amazing capabilities to computer user.

However sometimes the data saved in partitions get lost, if any important data is lost then you need to suffer severe loss of data. In case you lose any important data from hard drive partitions then no need to worry now, because there exists a powerful partition data recovery software that can very easily get back lost or deleted data from hard drive partitions.

Scenarios that are responsible for losing data from hard drive partitions are mentioned below:

  • Accidental deletion of partition data: Consider a case that you plan to erase entire data from “E” drive of computer hard drive, while doing so, if you accidentally select some other drive, in which you have saved important data then undoubtedly you will lose all your essential files from it.
  • Virus infection: Infection of harmful computer virus is another issue that is connected with losing data from partitions. If a virus infects a logical partition of hard drive then you will not be able access its data, hence due to this you will lose essential files.
  • Unreliable third party tools: Therearecertain unreliable third party tools available; if you make use of that tools then they would cause a disaster, which means you could lose essential data from hard drive partition.

Well, the lost partition data due to any of the above mentioned reasons can be restored using a partition data recovery application. It’s a perfect solution for all kinds of data loss issues.

Some of the remarkable features of partition data recovery utility are described below:

  • Using this effective partition data recovery software you could easily recover partition data from all types of hard drives including IDE, SATA, SCSI, and ATA etc.
  • All the partition data can be recovered very quickly using this tool; hence it’s a fastest partition data recovery application.
  • It’s a user friendly app, which offers an easiest approach to restore lost or deleted partition data.
  • Very effectively it will recover all types of lost files including photo files, audio files, videos, document files, PDF files etc.
  • Data that has been lost from other storage devices like pen drives, external hard drives, memory sticks, and memory cards can also be recovered using this tool.
  • This partition data recovery app can be easily installed on all new versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7 etc.
  • With the help of this recovery software you can recover partition data from various brands of hard drives including Hitachi, Western Digital, and Seagate etc. To recover WD hard drive’s partition data click here:
  • It’s an app that is free from all sorts of harmful viruses and other malicious programs.

Check out the demo version of above told app, if you feel satisfied with it then purchase its licensed version.

Easy zip file repair

Are you denied access to your Zip file due to corruption and searching for best repair tool which can repair it? Then you are at the right place which can help you solve the issue within less span of time.

A zip file is a compressed file format where many files can be compressed in one single file. It is very much useful when user is transferring or uploading many files to some other user, in this situation if a user has compressed all files in one single zip file then he can get rid of sending every file one by one. This file format is well-known compressed file format which is used by many users. Zip file facilitates a user to password protect the files from unauthorized user. After compression of the files one can get reduced file size on his drive. As zip file format can compress many files, this file is most preferred by many users when they have to e-mail many files. But the common problem of files getting corrupted persists with these files also. A user when received an important zip file and when he is denied to access the file then this situation makes a user very much frustrating. But this frustrating can be removed by making use of a renowned tool called Advanced Zip Repair by which one can easily repair zip files without any data loss.

Common problems with zip files:

  • When a user download a zip file and in course of downloading if any interruption happens then it may result in zip file getting corrupted.
  • A user can come across CRC error which is a sign of zip file corruption, this error is caused due to receipt of improper zip file.
  • Virus infection is the most common way of zip file corruption, so a zip file when affected by virus can lead to corruption.
  • Improper software to access the zip file can result in corruption of zip file.

The above mentioned are some of the common way of zip file corruption but a user can come across many other scenarios which also lead to corruption of zip file. But making use of Advanced Zip Repair tool one can easily repair zip files which are corrupted.

Features of advanced zip repair:

This advanced software can easily repair zip files which are 32 bit or 64 bit. This renowned tool can easily repair the zip file of large size within less time. It supports many Windows Operating-system like Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. This software is fast and effective in recovering the damaged zip file and this software can also repair zipx and rar file. This software facilitates a user with user friendly interface by which a user will not face any problem in using the software.

Undelete Files from iPod

iPod is the most popular and handy portable device which can store plenty of photos, videos and other files. Many of you love to use this iPod device to capture photos as they are convenient. With this iPod you listen your favorite songs and you can grab your iPod to capture interesting moments whenever and wherever you need. Sometimes it is inevitable to delete files either by accident or intentionally. If you deleted the files from iPod by mistake without having the back up of those deleted files and want to undelete them then the only way you can recover those files is to scan the iPod. Precisely once you delete the files from iPod, they won’t disappear immediately unless those files have been overwritten by other new files. Therefore still you have a good chance to restore those deleted files. You do not need to be frustrated if you have deleted your precious photos, videos or other files from iPod. This post will teach you how perform iPod undelete operation easily within few mouse clicks.

Some of the causes that results in deletion of files from iPod

  • Malware infection: If your iPod gets infected from harmful viruses then it leads to deletion of important photos, videos, music, and other multimedia files without giving any notification.
  • Synchronization errors: When you need to transfer files from iPod to system or vice versa then it must be synchronized with the system. On connecting the iPod, it displays the error message and asks you to format without giving you any other option. Formatting the iPod to remove this error deletes your files completely from the iPod device.
  • Reset option: iPod has the reset option using which you can reset your iPod to its original factory settings. If you perform this task without taking proper backup then you may end up with data loss, as it erases collection of your iPod files and folders.
  • Unintentional deletion: Sometimes you may delete an important music files rather than deleting other unimportant files accidentally and regret for your mistake.

How to undelete files from iPod?

iPod recovery is smart and powerful tool that helps you to recover deleted files from iPod with ease. This application supports recovery of files from almost all versions of iPod which includes iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, etc. This application is loaded with many advanced techniques and is developed by experienced professionals. This tool works by scanning the entire iPod to pull out deleted files from it and is competent to recover files over 300 and more in just single scan. It is a versatile toolkit that can be used to recover deleted videos from iPod due to accidental deletion, iPod reset, formatting or other logical reasons.

Important tips to be followed

  • Do not store any new files on the iPod from which you need to recover deleted files.
  • Use an updated antivirus software to scan the virus infected iPod.
  • Be sure while deleting any of the files from iPod.
  • Keep a backup of all the important files on regular basis

Learn How to Undelete Files from XD Picture Card

XD picture card is a type of removable flash memory which is designed to use on digital camera. Fujifilm and Olympus are the two brands of the devices to use XD picture card. This card has it storage capacity carrying from 16MB to 8GB. But unlike other memory cards, XD picture card is quite susceptible to deletion of pictures because of various reasons. Have you ever met with such events where you deleted all your crucial photos from XD picture card? Have you deleted important pictures from XD picture card when you try to remove unwanted photos from XD picture card, at this situation, the power suddenly turned off and your PC shuts down abruptly? Do you find that your pictures are missing from XD picture card? If your answer is yes for all these issues then the only solution is to make use of this picture recovery tool. This picture recovery software helps to undelete files from XD picture card effortlessly.

Now let us know what are the causes for deletion of files from XD picture card

One of the common reason which everyone face deletion of files with XD picture card is due to human errors. Sometimes when you are deleting some unneeded pictures from XD card, by mistake you may delete the important pictures. In other case, while browsing through options you delete all the photos from the XD picture card just by pressing Delete all option. To avoid these issues it is necessary to operate any device by reading operation manual carefully. Formatting XD picture card without keeping the back of important files, deletion of files when transferring files from XD card to other storage device, intrusion of harmful viruses on the XD picture card, etc are the few other reasons that results in deletion of files from XD picture card.

When you meet such kind of instances which are mentioned above, the foremost thing you must do is stop using the XD picture card immediately. Do not use the device to capture more pictures, videos, audio voice memos in case possibility of XD picture card recovery can be reduced. This is because if you perform any of these operations then it may result in data overwritten.

Well, with the aid of this picture recovery tool you can easily restore any deleted files from XD picture card with ease. This application is specialized in recovering files after deletion, formatting, corruption, reformat or any other issues.  Picture recovery tool has an ability to support various types of files which includes picture, movies, music, emails, documents and so on.

Important points to keep in mind

  • Always make sure that your digital camera battery is working perfectly and has no low battery issue on it.
  • Never stuff your XD picture card, as this card needs to keep some free space.
  • Do not use the same XD picture card on different devices.
  • It is suggested to use the good antivirus application to get rid of virus from XD picture card.
  • Always be sure while deleting any files from XD picture card to avoid unintentional deletion of right files.

Mighty Tool to Recover Lost Photos from Samsung Galaxy

Samsung is one of the leading firms that manufacture electronic devices, recently it manufactured Smart phones that run on Android OS. The brand name of those Smart phones is nothing but Samsung Galaxy. It is a well known Smartphone that is widely used by many people around the globe. There are various models of Samsung Galaxy smart phones available in market, among them few are Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note series, Samsung Galaxy S3 etc.

Sometimes it happens that the saved photos from Samsung Galaxy get lost, however if you lose any photos then don’t panic just continue reading this article you will come to know how to recover lost photos from Samsung Galaxy phone.

In order to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy phone you need a mighty Samsung photo recovery tool, using which you can easily get back lost or deleted photos from all the models of Samsung Galaxy Smart phones. Not only, Samsung phones using this recovery utility you can bring back lost or deleted images from all other brands of Android based Smart phones.

Factors that influence losing photos from Samsung Galaxy phone are explained below:

  • Formatting: Knowingly or unknowingly if you format your Samsung Galaxy device then all the data including photos will get lost from it.
  • Interrupting photo transfer process: Transferring photos from computer to Samsung phone or vice versa is very common. While photo transfer is in process, if any interruption take place, and the process gets interrupted then there exists a chance of losing photos from Samsung Galaxy phone.
  • File system corruption: All the users of Samsung Galaxy phone employ SD card to expand the storage capacity, sometimes it happens that the file system of SD card will get corrupt, after which you will lose access to all its data including photos. This is one of the reasons due to which you will lose photos from Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

However you need not to worry in any respect, because using Samsung photo recovery software you can bring back photos with a great ease. For more details log on to:

NOTE: To recover photos on Samsung Galaxy Smartphone you need to install this recovery tool on Windows PC and then you need to connect Samsung Smartphone to Windows PC, and recover photos from it, it supports on all latest versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 etc.

Features that come with Samsung photo recovery app are mentioned below:

  • Samsung photo recovery tool is a best application that can get back lost or deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Smart phones.
  • With the assistance of this software you can recover photos from different brands of Android phones including HTC, LG, Sony, Micromax etc.
  • Not only photos, using this software you can recover other types of files such as video files, audios, .apk files etc.
  • In just couple of minutes this software can recover lost images from Samsung Galaxy phones.
  • It’s a friendly recovery tool, hence to recover photos you need not to have any kind of special skills.
  • It’s an award winning app in the field of photo recovery.